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Singing Excellence - The Ebook that will make you a great singer, not just a nice vocalizer!

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And now, together with Singing Excellence, which gives you everything you need to perform songs with brilliant, powerful interpretation, you will receive Vocal Excellence ABSOLUTELY FREE. This short eGuide punches away the blocks to great singing, saving you time and money. For a more comprehensive interactive guide to vocal technique, check out Singorama.

Singing Excellence is, in a word, excellent! This 2008 e-book by Seth Lutnick isnít so much about singing as it is about performing. Lutnick is a musical-theatre actor; he applies acting principles and theatrical stagecraft to musical performance to help vocalists bring emotional expression to their singing... After reading the entire book through, most performers will want to refer to it again and again for help with their own specific performance situations. Highly Recommended! ...from


Are you looking for the time-honored principles that set you apart from the rest? Do you need the tools to give you the confidence, presence, creativity, power and joy to change every performance into a deeply personal experience for you and every audience member? Do you want to pursue a singing career of Excellence?

Then this ebook is for you, who are serious about becoming great performers. Here's what you will learn from this book:

  • How to prepare a song
  • How to make your audience CONNECT emotionally
  • How to make the words meaningful
  • How to take stage with confidence
  • Vocal technique basics to sing better
  • Body language to win
  • How to defeat stage fright
  • The power of your eyes
  • The power of movement
  • Microphone and stage technique
  • How to hold your audience in the palm of your hand


Anybody can learn how to sing technically. This e-book shows you how to sing with endless artistic power. It guides you to the incredible richness of an EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED performance. The unforgettable kind that will have people talking and coming back to hear you more and more.


Learn how to sing powerfully with the Singing Excellence POWER PERFORMANCE METHOD.
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Singing Excellence

by Seth Lutnick

Learn how to sing with the Singing Excellence grounded approach

Available now for $17.

If you are comfortable with the way you perform, do not buy this e-book. It is geared for people who are striving for artistic perfection. If you feel you have achieved it, then save your money.

But if you have not, and realize that you can be a great singer, this e-book may be for you. It gives you so many tools to learn how to sing with power and emotional connectedness. It may be impossible to quickly integrate all of the comprehensive techniques here, but you can be very excited. Even one or two of these techniques can completely transform the way you sing.

What about a voice teacher?

Going to a voice teacher is imperative for any serious singer. But they are expensive, some charge more than 100$ for an hour lesson. And they will give you a great vocal technique. By the way, this book gives you guidance on how to choose a voice teacher.

But there is a wealth of technique beyond the technical and vocal. It is what separates the brilliant from the average. This e-book demystifies what makes a great singer. And all it costs is $17. AND, you get Vocal Excellence, the practical eGuide that will help you eliminate the blocks to more range, power and better vocal tone, FREE.

Is It Really Worth It?

$17 is less than 55 cents a day for one month only. You probably spend much more in a restaurant, and how long does that pleasure last? And you'll receive Vocal Excellence, the vocal technique eGuide that gives a lot of punch to your singing, FREE.

This $17 e-book will give you lessons that will last for your entire life. You will never again accept mediocre singing performances. You will see what great singers do, and you will learn to do it yourself, and you will love it. You will simply love singing at every possible opportunity. It will connect to your deepest feelings, let you express yourself as never before. It is bliss and ecstasy to sing with all your heart, isn't it?

If you are serious and commit to learn how to sing with brilliance, power, and emotional connectedness.

A Comprehensive Guide to Learn How to Sing

For example, this e-book shows you how to take stage. It shows you how to handle a microphone. It shows you how to prepare a song, how to understand the lyrics. It shows you what to think and what to imagine to make yourself emotionally connect to a song. It explains the basics of vocal technique, so you will sing better than ever.

This book is so comprehensive, that every singer will find a wealth of new ideas and knowledge. They will learn to sing as never before!

Is It for Pop Singers?

YES! It's for pop singers, rock singers, anyone who sings in front of an audience. A successful singing career in any genre depends on Excellence!

Singing a song is telling a story. The greatest singers have a strong theatrical background. Think of Barbra Streisand or Madonna or even Frank Sinatra. You can sing pop in a shallow posed fashion, or in a powerful connected emotional fashion. When you learn to do it better, you'll realize what an advantage you have!

Is It for More Advanced Singers?

The techniques in this book are for all levels. The writing is clear, intended for people with raw talent but little experience, as well as for people with lots of experience who are looking for new ways to grow. Every reader will connect to some of the stories, ideas, techniques in this book. Some more than others, as with everything. Everyone can sing better, perform better with this grounded approach.

Each chapter concludes with a summary, and with a practical exercise to help you learn how to sing by getting the techniques into your mind and body. Take these exercises seriously, they will help you tremendously.

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