Learn how to sing BRILLIANTLY with  Singing Excellence

    The art and technique of great vocal performance

Learn how to sing
  • Can you learn to sing in a deeply connected and powerful fashion?
  • Can you really mesmerize and inspire your audience?
  • Can you really hit those notes with power and beautiful tone?
  • Is it possible that YOU can feel the emotions of every song, and share them with the world, if you've always felt somewhat uncomfortable on stage?


If you have ever desired these skills, then the Singing Excellence e-book and the Vocal Excellence eGuide, which give you the tools to be a brilliant performer, are for YOU. Let this Power Performance Method give you the artistic guidance sing as you've never have sung before!

Why do YOU want to learn how to sing brilliantly?

Maybe you enjoy entertaining your friends and family. Maybe there's a song contest at school. Maybe you've got an audition coming up. And maybe you have your eyes set on being the next American Idol.

It's all legitimate, it's all fantastic. And when you realize how beautiful and powerful your singing performances can be, you'll be ready to step up to whatever challenge excites you. This e-book gives you the power performance approach to transform the way you perform, starting IMMEDIATELY!

The proven methods of powerful performance

Anybody can learn how to sing technically. This e-book shows you how to sing with endless artistic power. It guides you to the incredible richness of an EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED performance. The unforgettable kind that will have people talking and coming back to hear you more and more.

And what are the keys to being a great performer? Here's just a small bit of what you will learn from this book:


  • How to make the lyrics powerful
  • How to CONNECT emotionally
  • The power of your imagination
  • How to be the magnet on stage
  • What audiences really want
  • How to sing better and stronger
  • Breath control and vocal technique
  • The secrets of confidence
  • Using your eyes
  • What makes a great performance
  • What to do before you sing


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Singing Excellence

by Seth Lutnick

Learn to sing with Singing Excellence

Available now for just $17. Includes the Vocal Excellence eGuide ($5 separately) to break through the blocks to great singing, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Completely revolutionize the way you sing, perform and create magic. It's not about how you sound, it's about the incredible power of an EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED performance. The kind of performance nobody forgets. This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of singing performance from a singer, producer, composer and dedicated student. Learn how to sing far above the rest.

For only $17, that's 55 cents a day for a month. Gosh, one session with a voice teacher can cost seven times that amount! And when you order Singing Excellence, you get Vocal Excellence for FREE. This eGuide will show you how to beat the 12 most common blocks in vocal technique, increase your range, sterengthen your voice and empower your singing. This package is a comprehensive study that you will have for years.

Some things gently turn you in a new direction. Singing Excellence gives you so many tools to make that turn, that you can't help but to become a much more powerful and brilliant singer. Of course having a high quality teacher is the best way to learn to sing, and until then, Singing Excellence will get you started on the path.

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Each chapter is the result of years of training and experience.

My work as a musical theater director and a performing concert artist has been made possible by the techniques I share in Singing Excellence and Vocal Excellence. I have seen how these techniques, taught to me by respected Broadway professional Kimberly Vaughn (who's students regularly get lead roles in Broadway shows), have transformed many students, including me, from people who made nice sounds to people who create a moving experience every time they sing. These are the tools that can make you a star, if you are ready to pursue SINGING EXCELLENCE!

This package is a no-nonsense approach to being ALIVE as a performer.

Each chapter has true stories about what works, and what will work for you. There are exercises, summaries, and hundreds upon hundreds of things for you to DO as a singer. Each one can transform your performance. The whole system can turn you in an entirely new and EXCITING direction of singing excellence.


There is one principle that sets apart the brilliance from the ordinary. The key to singing excellence is not how you look, and not even how you sound.

It's how you CONNECT.

Because there is nothing more powerful than what happens in your soul. When you tap that power, the power of your soul, something absolutely MAGICAL happens. That is the magic of singing excellence, and it lets you wrap your audience around your finger. They won't just be watching you, they will be living the song together WITH you.


These are the techniques of great singers, from Frank Sinatra to Barbra Streisand to anyone who touches your heart with a song. Are you ready to pursue and achieve SINGING EXCELLENCE? Then click here now to download it for only $17. That's less than 55 cents a day for a month. PLUS, you get Vocal Excellence, the eGuide for vocal technique, ABSOLUTELY FREE with Singing Excellence.


How do I know these techniques work?

They worked for me, and continue to do so all the time. I work as both a performing artist, giving concerts and cabarets in New York and in Israel, and as a musical theater director and actor with the Israel Musicals company. My job is exactly what I've written about: helping singers perform with artistic excellence and emotional connection.

The time-honored techniques of acting are the most powerful way to achieve brilliant song interpretation skills, and sing with REAL feeling. It's easy to make facial expressions when you sing. The true power of the singer is when you FEEL the song, word by word, section by section.

Why did I write this book?

Singing, musical performance and acting are my life. They are my passion. I believe in constantly working to improve, to be the best. I believe in art, as a way to personal growth, and as a way to bring joy to people. Think of Harold Hill, in The Music Man. His gift to the folks of River City was the gift of music, and it changed their lives. Same goes for Maria in The Sound of Music.

In art, there is no such thing as achieving perfection. One must always grow, always find new levels of truth in every song one sings. I am a constant student, and even through teaching I learn so much more. This e-book is the fruit of that never-ending quest for SINGING EXCELLENCE.


Some of what people are saying about Lutnick:


...about the eBook


Singing Excellence is, in a word, excellent! This 2008 e-book by Seth Lutnick isnít so much about singing as it is about performing. Lutnick is a musical-theatre actor; he applies acting principles and theatrical stagecraft to musical performance to help vocalists bring emotional expression to their singing... After reading the entire book through, most performers will want to refer to it again and again for help with their own specific performance situations. Highly Recommended! ...from singingtoday.com

... as a teacher


" This workshop gave me a very good idea about what a song actually is, and how a performer relates to it and makes it " his own" . The most important thing that I usually neglected to do was to get inside the lyrics and see how I could use them, through my ways of believing in the song, to get through to my audience, and have something move inside them. I never imagined I would have this much fun in the process."

-- Niva


... as a performer


" I, and I'm sure that the rest of the audience, were overwhelmed with the sheer power and scope of your magnificent performance."

-- Yehuda


" With disarming charm he skillfully creates a unique and haunting evening of music."

-- Sydney Myer, legendary performer and manager of Don't Tell Mama, NYC.


You probably have great dreams and plans to sing. American Idol is not a joke, getting a record deal is something you are seriously interested in. You are not afraid to aim high. You only live this life once, and you want to go as far as you possibly can. So give yourself the best chance.


Learn how to sing powerfully with the Singing Excellence POWER PERFORMANCE METHOD. Click here to make this e-book your own for only $17. It comes with Vocal Excellence, the eGuide to vocal technique, FREE!


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